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Hello, traveler!

Welcome to my home on the world wide web. My name is Zach Patrick. I'm a web developer from Canton, Ohio and I love building things to help people. I've built many cool websites and some pretty sweet apps in Excel over the years. If you'd like to work together on your next project or just need help with something on a current project, feel free to reach out!

When I'm not building stuff for the web, I enjoy playing games and watching sports. I've gotten really into Chess over the past fews years and I'm also starting to get into woodworking. If you ever feel like beating someone in Chess, send me a challenge!

Latest Dev Notes.

July 18, 2024

Find All Broken URLs for a Website

Learn how to find all URLs for a website that have been indexed on Google and how to get a list of URLs that are broken so you can create redirects.

March 06, 2024

Create a sitemap.xml for Your SvelteKit Website

In this post we'll go over creating a simple sitemap.xml in SvelteKit.

February 27, 2024

Build a Modal Component with Svelte

This post walks through building a simple modal component in Svelte. This modal component is the same modal I use on this website.