A list of different apps and hardware I use to get my work done.


Text Editor

I've used a few different text editors over the years but I made the switch to VS Code about 5 years ago and I haven't looked back.

This is a theme that I made that was inspired by arah24's take on the Dracula theme, which is why I called it Hisoka 2.

Yeah I paid for a font, what of it? I spend a lot of time looking at code and I want it to look nice. I've used Fira Code and JetBrains Mono in the past before selling the farm and buying MonoLisa.

General Devtools

Figma is by far my favorite design tool. It's easy to use and it's cross platform.

Anytime I need to test an API route I reach for HTTPie. I used to use Postman but I found it to be a bit too heavy for my needs. HTTPie is super simple and easy to use.

This is definitely the best terminal available now (currently Mac only). I used Hyper for years and I loved it. But when Warp came out I couldn't resist making the switch. Everything about it is the bees knees.

I use TablePlus anytime I need to visually interact with database. I've used a few other similar tools in the past, but TablePlus has become my favorite.

If you use a Mac and you're not using SetApp, what are you really doing? SetApp gives you access to hundreds of apps, including many great paid apps, for one monthly price. There's many apps that I use daily that I wouldn't have found if it wasn't for SetApp.


This is the best browser I've used (currently Mac only). It took me a bit to get used to using it because it's pretty different from other browsers. But once I got used to it, it became a game changer.

I was a big fan of Google's Inbox and was sad when they killed it. This is the best replacement I've found so far.

I use Notion for all note-taking and I'm a big fan. I've tried several others like OneNote and Obsidian but Notion is my favorite.

If you're using passwords that include your kid's name and the year they were born, you need to use a password manager and use unique passwords for each website you use. 1Password is my favorite but there are other good ones out there. BitWarden is a great option that is open source (free).

Office Setup.

These are great arms if you use dual monitors and don't want to clutter up your desk with stands.

I like to keep as many things off my desk as possible, so I have this to place my MacBook Pro on.

I'm a big fan of mechanical keyboards and I've been using this one for about a year now.

I actually have two of these mice. One that I keep at home and one that I keep in my backpack.

I use this primarily to tell Google to turn on and off my lights and fan. I'll also throw on a show to watch while I'm working on something that doesn't require my full attention.