About the Project

I built a web application for Sommers Discount Market that lets them list their wholesale inventory so their customers can see what's currently available and submit orders of items they want to buy.

When an order is submitted it creates an invoice that Sommers can then update as needed. The invoices are stored in a database so it's easy to track down past invoices.

Sommers Market User Invoices

I built a simple a sales report that Sommers can use to track sales and gross profit by customer and department.

This site was built with HTML, CSS (Sass), and JavaScript (mostly jQuery) for the front-end, and PHP and MySQL for the backend.

About the Client

Sommers Discount Market is a store similar to Big Lots and Ollies. They sell salvage groceries that are 30%-50% cheaper than the price at most big box stores. They also sell fresh produce and have recently added a fresh meat and cheese deli and a small selection of bulk foods.